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About us


We're a three-generation, family-run business with over 75 years of audio innovation. We've always pushed boundaries. Now the journey continues as we build the future of audio – to create unforgettable moments in sound.

Our vision

A legendary startup

Fritz Sennheiser founded his company in 1945 with an unstoppable drive to innovate. We've remained family-owned to this day–with the same energy that has powered milestone after milestone of remarkable sound. It's part of our DNA.

Our history
One crew

We come from a diverse set of backgrounds, countries, and traditions. But one thing unites us – our passion for audio. It brings our customer-centric culture to life. And it fuels an open spirit of collaboration among our colleagues, partners, and customers.

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A passion for audio technology and a collaboration mindset are at the heart of the Sennheiser leadership culture.

The Sennheiser Executive Management Board (EMB) is led by co-CEOs Dr. Andreas Sennheiser and Daniel Sennheiser, who drive corporate management and strategy development.

The EMB also includes Greg Beebe (Executive Vice President Professional Audio), Ron Holtdijk (Executive Vice President Business Communication), Steffen Heise (CFO), Dr. Andreas Fischer (COO), and Markus Redelstab (CTO). Former COOs Peter Claussen and Thomas Weinzierl will remain on the EMB until they retire in 2023 and 2024, respectively. Yasmine Riechers (CEO Georg Neumann GmbH) and Mareike Oer (Brand & Corporate Communication) round out our leadership team.

[photo template:] The team (from left to right): Markus Redelstab, Yasmine Riechers, Greg Beebe, Daniel Sennheiser, Ron Holtdijk, Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, Steffen Heise, Mareike Oer, and Dr. Andreas Fischer.