TeamConnect Bar Solutions

TeamConnect Bar Solutions


The most feature-rich all-in-one conferencing devices in their class.

Part of the Sennheiser TeamConnect Family, the TeamConnect Bar Solutions are scalable, all-in-one conferencing devices, designed to meet modern meeting demands with built-in camera, microphones and speakers. With options for small (TeamConnect Bar S) or mid-sized (TeamConnect Bar M) meeting and collaboration spaces, the TeamConnect Bar Solutions easily integrate with your favorite meeting platform and can be further enhanced with other compatible products, including those from Sennheiser.

Video Conferencing Systems

Video conferencing solutions have become a crucial part of modern business communication, and finding the best video conferencing solutions is key for businesses of all sizes. Our video conferencing solutions are designed to facilitate seamless, high-quality communication, regardless of the team members locations to maximise conference efficacy.
Sennheiser's TeamConnect Bars combine trusted Sennheiser audio quality with a 4K Ultra HD camera with Person Tiling. Person Tiling ensures that every participant has their own space to be seen, making video conference easy and efficient. These all-in-one devices make your virtual meetings and video conference calls as effective as in-person ones.
The TeamConnect Bars come in two different sizes: the TC Bar S is for smaller-sized meeting rooms, whereas the TC Bar M is for mid-sized meeting rooms. Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any other video conferencing platforms, the TC bar is easy to use in any environment.
In summary, whether you're a large enterprise or a small business, our video conferencing solutions can meet your needs. By investing in our video conferencing solutions, you can ensure smooth, productive, and engaging meetings for all participants. Experience the difference with our video conferencing solutions today.

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