Whether it’s entertainment shows, TV series, magazine programs, international films, events or product presentations – Studio Berlin GmbH is ideally equipped for every kind of job with its extensive production site in Berlin-Adlershof and multi-purpose outside broadcast vehicles. For the optimal flexibility the production center counts on Sennheiser’s wireless transmission technology.

Practically every customer wish can be realized on an extensive production site in Berlin-Adlershof. A lot of famous TV formats, which are essential parts of the German evening entertainment, are produced right here. Having flexibly usable and stunningly equipped broadcasting vans, the studio is perfectly prepared for any outdoor operation. In order to set the tone in Berlin’s media landscape at all times, the experienced colleagues around Oliver Weißler – the person in charge when it comes to sound – rely on products from the audio specialist Sennheiser. The already extensive inventory was recently expanded to include wireless systems from the Digital 6000 series.

More than just premium sound with digital transmission

Oliver Weißler has been responsible for the broadcast sound of numerous well-known TV formats at Studio Berlin GmbH for more than ten years. And for a long time now he has been counting on Sennheiser’s wireless technology. By using the current generation of Digital 6000 users primarily gain a much higher dynamic and reliable usability all over the world. That’s why integrating the digital transmission was just logical for Weißler, as he explains: “Before we bought the new equipment, we held an elaborate ‘shootout’ to thoroughly compare the digital Sennheiser systems with products from other suppliers and with our wireless systems from the Sennheiser 5000 series, which have proven themselves over many years. Particularly with high frequencies, you can clearly notice the benefits of the companderless digital transmission of the Digital 6000 systems.” During this shootout in question the Digital 6000 systems were able to demonstrate their superiority over competitors’ systems both in the TV studio and on location during the production of well-known Saturday evening entertainment shows. The winning criteria – in addition to the sound quality – included the system’s user-friendly handling with its clearly structured menu guidance, its excellent operating range and the possibility to use an equidistant frequency grid. The latter is intended - in simple terms - to prevent the development of unwanted interference frequencies (so-called intermodulation products). These occur when several devices transmit simultaneously at different frequencies. One consequence, for example, could be that the signal from one transmitter can no longer be received at all.

Digital system with intelligent software

The last decisive argument in favor of choosing the Sennheiser equipment was the fact that the popular Sennheiser EK 6042 two-channel camera receiver is compatible with the Digital 6000 systems in long-range mode, while it can also be operated with the analogue wireless channels already in use at Studio Berlin GmbH, including the company’s own SKP plug-on transmitters. The Sennheiser Wireless Systems Manager is used by the sound engineers at Studio Berlin GmbH not only to set up the newly acquired Digital 6000 systems, but also for convenient remote monitoring of the RF and AF levels and the battery state of charge. The software thus helps to keep track of all important information. If necessary, batteries or devices can be specifically replaced. “The battery management feature on the Digital 6000 systems works incredibly well,” explains Oliver Weißler. “With the bodypack transmitters, we can easily achieve operating times of between ten and twelve hours in practical use, which means that we always have enough power for any show with just one battery. The handheld transmitters can operate for around four hours, which is absolutely fine, especially because we can always recharge batteries simultaneously in our L 6000 charging stations.”

Working every day for German television

The intermodulation-free operation is an advantage Weißler does not want to miss anymore: “Problems with intermodulation just don’t exist with the Sennheiser Digital 6000 systems, Some of my colleagues first had to get used to the idea that they no longer needed to worry about calculating a complex frequency grid. With the Sennheiser Digital 6000 systems, transmission frequencies can simply be arranged at equal distances to each other within a free range. In the meantime, all of my co-workers and also our freelancers are absolutely convinced by the benefits of an equidistant frequency grid. In a digital wireless set-up, distances of 400 kHz between transmission frequencies work without any problems whatsoever!” Various television stations rely on the competence of Oliver Weißler‘s team every day. German television viewers can see the results for themselves every day in programs such as „Anne Will“, „Hart aber Fair“ and „The Voice of Germany“.