Travon Snipes

Season 4

There’s a story behind every song, every artist, and every audio professional. The award-winning Pro Talk Series is an exploration of those stories, diving deep into the worlds of audio engineers, musicians, and filmmakers to learn about where they came from and what it took to get where they are today.

After beginning his musical journey as a drummer, Travon Snipes got curious. Curious about audio. Curious about recording and mixing. Curious and all the technology involved in bringing music to the masses. That curiosity led him to becoming a mixing engineer. And then a combination of networking and right-time-right-place serendipity landed him on Post Malone’s Twelve Carat Toothache tour. Join us in this Pro Talk session as Snipes discusses his daily setup process, body-pack tip and tricks, how a trusting relationship between engineers and artist can unleash incredible performances, and more.